Apex Legends Duos Mode

Apex Legends Duo Mode introduce for a limited time

Apex Legends will introduce Duo Game mode for a limited time next week Apex Legends Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex legends gained massive opening traction. When it Apex Legends launched despite being equipped... Read more »
Darksiders Genesis The Game

Darksiders Genesis Coming Too Soon To Play

Darksiders Genesis is a action and role playing video game. And Darksiders Genesis will be release very soon. Darksiders Genesis is developed by Airship Syndicate and released by THQ Nordic. The Game... Read more »


Top 10 Popular Streamers and Gamers In India

Top 10 Popular Streamers and Gamers In India

There are Top 10 Popular Streamers In India in this list Today. Youtube is One of The Biggest Streaming Platform in India Nowadays. Top 10 Popular Streamers and Entertainers In India list... Read more »
Call Of Duty Halloween Event January Community Update

Call Of Duty Halloween Event is Online. View All Details

Activision recently announced first event called Call of Duty Halloween event in Call of Duty Mobile. Activision also add many tricks in Call Of Duty Mobile with This Halloween Update. This update... Read more »
Team XSpark as Fnatic PUBG Mobile

Fnatic PUBG Mobile Lineup Announced Via Instagram

India’s Most Popular eSports Team XSpark Joined Fnatic as Indian PUBG Mobile Lineup. Fnatic is one of the biggest names in esports has announced its official line-up for PUBG Mobile. Fantic PUBG... Read more »
Quantum Supremacy Sycamore Chip

Quantum Supremacy ! How That Could Change Computing Forever ?

Google claims Quantum Supremacy, Sycamore, finished a calculation in 3 minutes 20 seconds and it take world’s fastest supercomputer 10,000 years to do. Google aforesaid Quantum Supremacy achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing analysis, voice communication.... Read more »
Pokemon Go Battle League

Pokemon Go Battle League Coming in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Battle League one of the most wished battle mode in Pokemon Go. Niantic Recently launch miniature version called Trainer Battle. Pokemon Go recently launch a new battle mode called Trainer... Read more »
10 Popular Android Games

Top 10 Popular Android Games With Awesome Graphics

Android games are most popular games nowadays. Top 10 Popular Android Games might be surprise you. Graphics are also very Creative & Awesome in These Games. New Smartphone comes with very impressive... Read more »
Chandrayaan 2 Sent First Illuminated Image

Chandrayaan 2 Sent First Illuminated Image of Moon Surface To ISRO

Chandrayaan 2 Moon Orbiter sent first illuminated image of Moon’s Surface. Indian Research Space Organisation (ISRO) on 17th October 2019 Upload a new tweet that Chandrayaan 2 Moon Orbiter sent first illuminated... Read more »

Diwali Dhamaka Event & PUBG Mobile Exclusive Rewards

PUBG Mobile Launch New Diwali Dhamaka Event. Which offers exclusive rewards and in-game & some Physical items to Indian players. PUBG Mobile, the popular Battle Royale game, for including many event system... Read more »