2nd Anniversary Stats has been released by PUBG Mobile

2nd Anniversary Stats PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has already crossed over 600 million total downloads and more than 50 million daily active player in there platform.

And in this 2nd Anniversary time PUBG Mobile releases its stats from last year. Recently PUBG Mobile celebrated its second anniversary with the discharge of latest game modes and additions. And therefore the modes of this game increase the flow of the player within the game. And here the gods share some statistics during this era.

The foremost important is that the game has 1 million total downloads and 1 million daily active users (excluding China). For the past two years, PUBG Mobile has offered its community an exquisite new game mode. In conjunction with the world’s leading IPs, entering mobile eSports and creating a gaming community of its own.

The PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Recap may be a throwback. That provides users access to PUBG mobile gameplay numbers, not just personal data.

PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Stats: Key highlights from the game’s modes

– 10.5 billion zombies were kill by the players for survival till dawn.
– 1.05 billion players became zombies infected with the virus.
– Only 1.77 million players have managed to survive the horrors of Darkest Night.
– a complete of 5.40 trillion shots were fire while Team Deathmatch was fighting.
– 1.2 billion players were kill in 212 team Deathmatch.
– The M79 was the super weapon of choice for payload.
– 1.9 billion cars became metal scrap in RageGear mode. (A little-known incontrovertible fact that they created the funfair using this scrap metal)

Moving on to favorite landing spots, Pochinki and therefore the training base are undoubtedly the well-liked landing areas of Erangel and Sanhok, respectively. However, Miramar and Vikendi were surprisingly seen because the preferred areas for landing Pecado and Space Base, respectively. As a private statistic, Reconstruction gives users highlights of their careers. Like total enemy killed, total matches played, total minutes saved, total chicken dinner then on.

Once the players have seen their highlights. The recovery takes a dark turn that gives snapshots of how the player die from being shot. The 2nd Anniversary Renewal also shouted to your closest war friend, who you fought the foremost. And therefore the best time you had. To access this exciting data from the past two years, users must log in to the weekly sign-in page and reset the PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary Rebuild tab.


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