Alpha Clasher YouTube Account Hacked Because of Streamlabs Loophole

Alpha Clasher YouTube Account Hacked Because of Streamlabs Loophole

Who is Alpha Clasher aka Pratik Jogiya ?

Alpha Clasher aka Pratik Jogiya is one of the highest beloved gamer and streamer in YouTube India. In the early stages of his gaming career the starts with the mobile game Clash Royale. And now he starts gaining more popularity by playing the most popular mobile game PUBG Mobile.

Alpha Clasher switch to PUBG Mobile when his channel gained over 10K subscribers on YouTube. After switching to PUBG Mobile he has now over 1.2 million subscriber on YouTube. And now he is one of the main co-leader in HYDRA Clan which is made by Dynamo Gaming aka Aaditya Deepak Sawant.

As like PUBG Mobile he also played many other FPS Games as like COD and more. When he starts to take gaming seriously he spend most of the time on YouTube. Also he plays most of the popular FPS games. And he uploads the highlights and commentary of the games in YouTube.

In his Alpha Clasher YouTube Channel he also upload game tactics and the rules to make the game more understandable for his subscribers and followers. Yesterday his channel get hacked by a German White Hat Hacker who helps him to make his channel more secure. Below he describe how the hack works and how everyone can secure there account with the Loophole by Streamlabs.

How Alpha Clasher YouTube Channel Got Hacked ?

1st Successful Attempt of Hacking

Yesterday when Pratik Jogiya complete the daily stream routine a random video has uploaded on his main channel titled “Your youtube channel is not secure, lets talk! i want to help“. The video has uploaded by the hacker near as morning 06:00 AM in the Indian time.

When the audience see the first video they contact with the Discord server of Alpha Clasher. Instantly the moderator of Alpha Clasher Discord Server contacted with Pratik Jogiya and tell the problem. Therefore Pratik make the video private as soon as possible by him. After make the video private by Pratik, the hacker deleted the video instantly.

As per Pratik he secure his account by 2-step verification, he not installed any 3rd party app, or he even not save the user id and password in any of the device folder or anything. After the incident happens he mail YouTube officials about the incident, what happened with him.

2nd Successful Attempt of Hacking

Once again in near of 06:00 PM in the evening the hacker uploaded the second video titled “It’s not your fault that I can do that. I want to help”. As well as the hacker write description “I want to help“. And this time things getting serious. After the incident happens again he mail YouTube officials again about the incident.

In this time every subscriber who watch the second video they again contact with the Discord server of Alpha Clasher. And that time some Discord moderator notice that a subscriber using the same cat emoji which is available on the first video of hacking attempt. He wrote by massage “I am the one who can help Alpha Clasher. And i have uploaded both of the videos“.


How Hacker Helps Him To Understand The Problem And Solution ?

After finding the right person the mods try to confirm that this is the right hacker. He has shows them a live proof which shocked the Alpha Clasher Himself as well as his whole team.

Alpha Clasher YouTube Account Hacked

What the mods told the hacker to confirm its him ?

The moderators told him to confirm its the original hacker. The hacker give them a live chat YouTube link. When the mods get in there they see there was a massage which tell them “proof enough? i just want to protect your brothers account, please inform him”.

With this massage the hacker confirms his identity to all of the Alpha Clasher members.

How the hacker give solution to make the Alpha Clasher account secure ?

The Hacker told if anyone give access to the account with some 3rd party website or services this incident can be happen again and again. Also hacker told everything is happening because of a Streamlabs Loophole. After getting touch with the hacker Alpha Clasher see many proof that his account can be access by the hacker easily.

Finally, get into the point where the problem begins. All of the problem because of connecting the Streamlabs access with Alpha Clasher YouTube Channel.

Alpha Clasher YouTube Account Hacked

Because of the allowing “See, edit, and permanently delete your YouTube videos, ratings, comments and captions” this permission everything can be access by Streamlabs. After understanding everything the hacker told to pratik about disconnect the YouTube account with Streamlabs.

After disconnecting the Streamlabs the hacker told him that he now can’t access anything regarding the Alpha Clasher YouTube Channel. And disconnecting the Streamlabs solves the problem for now.

And he also tried to give knowledge this with every YouTuber to help to secure there account one step further. If you are a content creator on YouTube you also need to secure your account from Streamlabs. If you are a content creator get ready to be hacked or remove the access of Streamlabs just to stay secure for now.


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