Best Ways To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile In December 2019

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Best trick to run PUBG Mobile smoothly and fix lag while playing game in intense situation.

PUBG Mobile lag too much but how we can fix these lag this is a big problem for PUBG lovers. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular game that game lovers can download for free.

Due to heavy popularity this game is already crossed over 100 Million Download and also got more than 23 million reviews on Google Playstore. This game is also popular in PC platform. PC players also enjoy this game playing with PC Android Emulators.

But one is happy with the performance of PUBG Mobile when it comes in fix the lag issue. Tencent is already working so hard to fix the lag problem in PUBG Mobile with pushing minor updates.

In this situation players also can do some minor changes in device to play the game as smooth as possible. PUBG Players facing problem like parachute landing issue, door not opening, rendering issue, etc.

Read About Upcoming 0.16.0 Update of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lags too much during gameplay, but why?

An android game with such stunning download quantity and so great graphics, lag is a small issue of the game. In fact, the subject lags far behind in terms of active players and detailed graphics as well as any other game with such numbers.

PUBG developers already know about the lag issue that’s why the comes dedicated region-wise server. For invent the server system, players get as low ping as possible. This is a basic technique to decrease lag.

Best Ways To Fix Lag Issue In PUBG Mobile.

1Using a Stable Internet Connection
2Clean Phone Storage as much as Possible
3Uninstall Unused Applications
4Use Inbuilt Game Booster
5Clean Internal Memory Space
6Clear Phone Storage Cache
7Stop Apps running in the background
8Update at latest version available.
9Don’t Use any third party app.

Boost Up phone before Playing PUBG using official PUBG Buddy app.

Ways of Fix the Lag in PUBG Mobile.

Each and everyone can admire that they also faced lag while playing PUBG Mobile. In this blog you will know that how to properly setup and play as smooth as possible in you device.

It can not be possible that playing in a 3gb ram phone as smooth as playing in a 6gb device in Android. Using GFX Tool, it maybe harm your device and also can banned your account according to PUBG Officials.

Graphics configuration based on device specification.

While installing PUBG Mobile for the first time, the graphics setting are set automatically adjust based on device configuration. If you can keep this graphics settings, this is the best graphics settings to reduce lag and run the game better.

Storage, Memory and Cache Problems

Memory cache is another big problem for lag PUBG Mobile, and it need to fix. Try to clear cache memory every time before start PUBG, it might be give a great gameplay.

PUBG Mobile is a big game to handle for low end devices. That’s why it need more storage as usual as high end devices. Try to delete all unnecessary apps and files from phone storage. The game requires more storage as it seems to run smoothly, as much as you can clear the phone storage the game will run smoothly.

FPS configuration

If PUBG Mobile not run smoothly till now, you can reduce the FPS (Frames Per Seconds) from graphics settings. Higher FPS settings requires more power of device. If your phone lag too much while playing PUBG Mobile you can fix and decrees FPS for get a smooth performance.

Play the nearest server as possible

You can also Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile using this small suggestion. You need to play the game in server is near you. PUBG Officials is already know about lag problem. so they comes with this trick.

Player are now divided by server stations so they may get low ping as possible. With start a match in Asia server you will never get low ping player who started the match from another server. This server not only based on point system. Low ping is a another technique to fix lag in PUBG Mobile.


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