Call of Duty: Mobile Lunar Festival Event Happening Now

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At the time of lunar event on PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile also bring the new Lunar Festival Event for all of the Call of Duty: Mobile players.

In Call of Duty: Mobile Lunar Festival Event players now have a chance to use the newly added weapon PDW-57. The new Lunar Festival event is specially available for the community of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Lunar Event will be stay in the game until 9th February 2020. As well as the event bring a lot of newly added PDW-57 – Lunar New Year weapon that might be take the game in a new excitement level.

Also in this event there are a lot of new theme base items now available in the game. Players just need to log in daily and just to walk throw the event. After that they can take all the event related rewards.

Aside of the Lunar Event in Call of Duty: Mobile there are also the Crimson Dash Event is going on. This is a part of the main Lunar Festival Event. In this event there are the Seraph’s (from Black Ops 3 & 4) Freak Show operator skin and a brand weapon, the assault rifle HBRa3 – Dragon Dance available in the game.

As well as the Challenges and Collection event is also a part of the Lunar Festive Event. In the collection players can complete the event normally. They also can choosr three different types of missions. Also in this event there as some new tricks are added  which has never done before by Activision.

Players need to collect items in Challenges and Collection event. After collecting they need to trade the items to get the Call of Duty: Mobile Lunar Festival Event items.

Other updates in this community update log

Activision also push many of bug fixes which makes the Linking Sequence problem. As well as the Call of Duty Password and the login issue. Developers of the game also makes the recoil pattern in AK47 Rifle.

Also some days ago the game has been announce the new Outrider – Arctic skin. Activision make some changes to take down cheaters more accurately and do some changes to ban them as soon as possible.


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