Call of Duty: Mobile Outrider – Arctic Skin Available for free

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

Outrider – Arctic Skin is now available in the game for free. Players just need to log in there account within the giveaway days.

Now the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile are going to giveaway the new Outrider – Arctic Skin for free. This time its for there promotion purpose. Players just need to log in there account. After log in there are the Outrider – Arctic Skin will be available to acquire.

With season 3 there are many new log in method in now available in game according to the developers. With an official tweet the company has introduce the new Outrider Skin. Notice of the devs is “Receive the Outrider – Arctic skin by linking your #CODMobile account to your Call of Duty: Mobile account”

How to get Call of Duty: Mobile Outrider – Arctic Skin ?

Step 1: Players need to go to the official website of Call of Duty to register a account for all of there CoD games.

Step 2: Players need to submit there gaming platform credentials.

Step 3: After that they need to confirm and verify the account.

Step 4: After opening the game with this new log in details they will get the new Outrider -Arctic Skin in there Call of Duty: Mobile account.

Developer TiMi Studios and Activision recently launched the new Season 3 for Call of Duty Mobile. With this new update there are many different changes has been made in the game. Now there are many new maps, modes, improvements now available.

Some days ago the new updates has leaks online using YouTube. As well as the company also give some leaks according the new season. The company also release the change-log, and update there websites to give all the information about Season 3.

The game update available to download in Play Store or the Apple App Store is total of 800MB.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 all update information

Call of Duty: Mobile post a sub-Reddit with all the information according to Season 3. As well as TiMi Studios upload the log information according the new Season. The new season has already release on today.

After many months developers of Call of Duty: Mobile released the log in support for the game. Players now can login the game with Facebook and Google Play or Apple Game Center login systems.

The company is also introduce reward for update and use the CoD login method the game which is a permanent Outrider – Arctic skin. In previous season the company introducing the Phantom and FTL in Battle Pass for CoD players.

As well as some futuristic weapons is also introduce in the game such the Type-25 Geometry and Chicom – Irradiated Amethyst. Call of Duty: Mobile reduce the Tier to 50 instead of 100 in the new Season 3 because of some impotence.

Not only these, developers of the game also announce the new upcoming scorestreaks and operator skills system in the game. According the new log of season update the Scrapyard map the Cage map has been coming in few days in the game. might be the maps will be coming in letter stages of the new season 3.

The developer, TiMi Studios also make some changes in the new Battle Royale with new fast-paced game mode and the new Ranked mode. Also the developers make changes in UI, the Black Ops III weapons as well as the Yellow Snake series.

As well as they also roll out the new 20v20 mode. Battle Royale Class, and a new vehicles also come along with this mode. If any other information need you can visit the official Reddit blog.


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