Chandrayaan 2 Sent First Illuminated Image of Moon Surface To ISRO

Chandrayaan 2 Sent First Illuminated Image

Chandrayaan 2 Moon Orbiter sent first illuminated image of Moon’s Surface.

Indian Research Space Organisation (ISRO) on 17th October 2019 Upload a new tweet that Chandrayaan 2 Moon Orbiter sent first illuminated image of Moon’s Surface.

#ISRO See the first illuminated image of the lunar surface acquired by #Chandrayaan2’s IIRS payload. IIRS is designed to measure reflected sunlight from the lunar surface in narrow and contiguous spectral channels.” tweet by ISRO.

See The Tweet Below :

Detailed Report Of Moon Orbiter’s illuminated image

Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) on-board Chandrayaan-2 is design to measure the reflected sunlight . It emitted part of Moon light from the lunar surface in narrow. And contiguous spectral channels (bands) ranging from ~800 – 5000 micromillimeter (0.8-5.0 micrometer (µm)).

It uses a grating to separate and disperse the mirrored daylight (and emitted component) into completely different spectral bands.

The major objective of IIRS is to understand the origin and evolution of the Moon in a geologic context by mapping the lunar surface mineral. The first illuminated image of the lunar surface captured by IIRS.

The image covers a part of the satellite farside within the hemisphere.



Preliminary analysis suggests that IIRS may with success live the variations within the mirrored radiation. That bounces off the satellite surface from totally different styles of surface varieties.

Namely, crater central peaks, crater floors, terribly contemporary reworked. Ejecta related to tiny craterlets inside the crater floor of an outsized crater and conjointly the sun-illuminated inner rims of craters.

The variations within the spectral radiance square measure primarily because of the mineralogical &  compositional variations. That exist within the satellite surface and conjointly because of the impact of area weathering.

A more extensive analysis is then expected to yield important results on the heterogeneity of satellite surface composites.

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