Cold Front Survival Mode is now available in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival Mode

Cold front survival mode has been tease in images publish by Developers on PUBG Mobile’s official social media.

April 1, a replacement mode will come to PUBG Mobile called polar front Survival. This Cold Front Survival Mode has been tease by developers on pictures posts on PUBG Mobile’s official social media handles. This is often a mode that was already present within the Chinese version. But it seems that the mode is finally reaching the international version of the game.

The Survival Mode: Details

This mode is about on the Vicente map from what we saw within the Chinese version of the sport. This mode is adopt after a game call the Darwin Project, where players need to kill their opponent so as to survive the cold. Polar front survival mode will likely see players looking for wood and hunting animals for fire and nourishment.

All the opposite players will have fierce winters during the fights which will only survive the close of the hearth. A timer are going to be shown indicate when the height winter time will arrive. This new mode also will have a drone which will be using for surveillance.

In addition, Season 13 Royal Pass and details have also been leak. The upcoming new season is seemingly themed after toys and is calls “Toys Playground” by Mr Ghost Gaming leaked these new details to his YouTube channel. Heavy-themed after children’s toys to ascertain all the new items and skins. Even some skin skins that appear as if they’re made from Lego. It’ll be a rather colorful new season.

New costumes and skins for the characters seem to be heavily inspire by the facility Rangers. It must are a call-back to all or any the childhood memories that folks had. there’s a topic for the motorbike that appears sort of a classic yellow and red toy bike. Royal Pass also as a replacement AOG and Level 3 helmet skin.


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