Coronavirus Huge Effects on Top Brands of Technology

Coronavirus Huge Effects of Top Brands of Technology

Coronavirus is one of the biggest problems nowadays. The virus makes a huge problem in China and many other countries. China has the most workshops of all top tech companies from all over the world. In this video we are going to tell you about top seven incidents happen on tech world.

Number 7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Accessories Supply may be delay from now.

The deadly Coronavirus outbreak that has already killed 213 people in China could lead on to delay within the accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 series that are beginning of the country. consistent with the web site MobileFun.

It has already started receiving emails from a spread of brands and suppliers detailing delays that would make it very difficult for early S20 adopters to get cases, screen protectors and other device specific accessories at launch.

Number 6. Upcoming Chinese Phone Brands Launce Delay because of Coronavirus.

Novel Coronavirus can derail Chinese smartphone makers’ India plans in 2020 as China lockdown, within the end of the day. Can severely impact the flow of key components required to assemble smartphones at their manufacturing plants in India.

According to industry experts, if the lockdown continues for over a month approximately , it’ll hamper the time-to-market strategy of nearly all Chinese brands as China provides bulk of varied semi-knocked down (SKD) components like memory chips, touch panels/cover glasses along side semiconductors for smartphone assembling lines in India.

Number 5. Mobile World Congress 2020 Barcelona may prospon because of the virus, Says GSMA

Mobile World Congress, an annual telecom industry event that pulls quite 100,000 visitors to Barcelona, will plow ahead as planned on February 24-27 despite the international spread of an epidemic that has killed 132 people in China.

“The upcoming Mobile World Congress Barcelona event will proceed as planned,” the GSMA telecom industry group that organizes the event said during a statement issued in response to a Reuters inquiry.

Number 4. Automobile company Tesla shut down there store of Shanghai

Amid the threat of the novel coronavirus, China has asked Tesla to temporarily pack up its Shanghai factory, a move which will “slightly” impact the profitability of the Elon Musk-led electric company within the half-moon of 2020, top company executives have said.

In a call with investors, the executives announced that the shutdown of the Shanghai factory will delay the company’s production of the Model 3 there, Also The Verge reported on Wednesday.

Number 3. Google Release new SOS feature to aware Safety Tips of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak goes global, tons of individuals round the world are curious to seek out out more details about it. Google and WHO have joined hands to make a replacement SOS alert for all coronavirus searches on the search giant’s platform.

When anyone searches for “coronavirus” or related keywords, the user will see a curated search results page with the newest news. Live updates from Twitter, and important information on coronavirus from WHO. As of now, Google is showing an equivalent alerts across all countries but these could be localized afterward .

Number 2. Facebook deleted many fake posts After WHO Declares Global Emergency

Facebook said on Thursday it’ll take down misinformation about China’s fast-spreading coronavirus. Also during a rare departure from its approach to health content. Also after the planet Health Organization declared the outbreak a worldwide health emergency.

The world’s biggest social network said during a blog post that it might remove content about the virus. Saying such content would violate its ban on misinformation resulting in “physical harm.”

The move is unusually aggressive for Facebook. Which generally limits the distribution of content containing health misinformation. Through restrictions on search results and advertising. Therefore allows the first posts to remain up.

Number 1. Coronavirus May Impact Apple Business in Long Run: Report

With the Novel Coronavirus spreading fast across China and claiming 106 lives thus far. Also Apple supplier Foxconn has warned employees who were in Taiwan. For the Chinese New Year to not return to its Wuhan plant in China, as per a report.

A report of Apple Insider, Foxconn facility in Wuhan “could quickly become overrun with [a coronavirus] outbreak, potentially putting workers at unnecessary risk and effectively shutting down production”.


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