Dusshera Lucky Draw to Win iPhone 11 Pro Max in PUBG

Dusshera Lucky Draw

PUBG just announce a new in-game event named Dusshera Lucky Draw. Try your luck. If you are the lucky one you also can get some reward in Dusshera Lucky Draw.

In Dusshera Lucky Draw contest players can win a iPhone 11 Max Pro, Boat Headphone, PUBG Cap and meny in-game rewards.

This event is exclusively in india. Players can’t join in this event from any other Country. In the Respect of Dussehra in India.

Here are the Screenshot of gifts are available in this Dusshera Lucky Draw contest.

Dusshera Lucky Draw

Watch out Winners of iPhone 11 Max Pro Winners till 04/10/2019 .

I am giving you the winners in game name. who wins the iPhone 11 Max Pro.

  1. 『HCI』ndreeYT
  2. KL12BOY
  3. BadassBABUA

While in-game Items Include AKM Skin, A Backpack Skin, A Parachute Skin, A New Outfit and Turban (Which is an Indian Pagdi).

How To Participate In The Contest: PUBG Mobile?

There are only 2 time you can participate in this contest in a day. For participate in this contest player need to go on Event > Time Limited >Scroll For Dusshera Lucky Draw Event. Click on the image of the page then player view Event Page.

Dusshera Lucky Draw

When you come over in this page you will see the missions of the specific page.There is No Server Requirement, You can Complete Mission on any Server. Once you Complete Mission you Can Simply use the Free Spin. You need to complete the missions to get your spin. If you win this contest you get a form for deliver the reward to home.

How Many Days The Contest Continue ?

The contest continue for 10 days. Event periods are 30 September to 09 October. If you are the winner you will get the reward to your doorstep. Also your name are announced in PUBG Facebook Page by PUBG Officials. There You Confirm Your Winning.


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