Fortnite in 120 FPS are Ready to Arrive in Specific Devices

Fortnite in 120 FPS

In some of iPads are now ready to take the update for runs Fortnite Mobile in 120 FPS.

For the first time the iPad Pro will receiving the 120 FPS for the Fortnite game. Its an huge update for the support of 120 FPS higher frame rates for a mobile device. Therefore the 120 FPS update makes the game very smooth as for the visual effects.

But the 120 higher frame per second is only support by the iPad Pro 12.9 and in iPad Pro 11 version. The iPad Pro 12.9 and in iPad Pro 11 are only those device which has the Liquid Retina display. As well as Liquid Retina display are capable of viewing the 120FPS refresh rates.

Which makes such high Frame Per Second are ideal for those device. The refresh rate makes the game buttery smooth. But there are a new problem comes with this update. If the game set in 120FPS then the graphical settings will reduced to the Medium.

But its expected because of the game cant run in Epic settings at 120 FPS its requires a huge resource in the device. In present time the game can run in high and epic settings in 30fps and 60fps. With is 120FPS update some of other changes are also comes.

Controller Changes

Players also now allows to use the L3 and R3 buttons when using controller which is supports by iOS. Aside of official announcement there are also some mods available which makes the game for run in 120 frames per second.

But use of any kind of modded software is strongly violate the Terms of Service of the game. Using of any kind of mod software might be ban your Fortnite account, so careful about it. But players who plays except iOS devices its unfair.

In iOS players are allows to play the game in 30fps, 60fps, or even 120fps. In Android device players not even allow plays the game in 60fps. Android devices allow the game to run in only 20fps and 30fps.


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