January Community Update live on Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Halloween Event January Community Update

Developers of COD: Mobile is teasing for another big update for player with January Community Update.

In 9th January Call of Duty: Mobile roll out another update regarding community day. With this new update the company is make the game more comfortable for the upcoming Season 3. And Season 3 can be released between January 2020.

Withe the new official blog of Call of Duty: Mobile informed players with new features in the new update. Information’s are the new Season will be coming with new modes as well as new map also a new ranked mode system for BR & MP. Also a new battle pass will be coming with Season 3.

A new multiplayer battle map will be release with the new update. Raid and Firing Range is also now online with the help of recent update on Call of Duty: Mobile. MQ-12 Dragonfire and new combat drone will be available before the release of Season 3 in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Details

At present time Developers of the game dose not want to give all the information about the new Season of Call of Duty: Mobile. But they also release some of the tease with the new January 9 Community Update. After new season release they will be release all the information with patch note of the update.

With the community update there are a Rapid Fire mode also comes in Multiplayer mode. With this new mode players can enjoy a shameless action game with limitless performance. In this mode player will get unlimited ammo, bomb.

As well as they can speed up operator skill cool down to make faster score streaks recharging. Only with Season 3 launch player can try and enjoy the limited time mode.

In the new update there is a new recreation mode coming from Modern Warfare 2 named Scrapyard. This is basically a medium size map for practice the mid-range combat. As well as the map are perfect to play the game in strategic way. In season 3 this is the first Multiplayer map to be release.

With the new January community update there are also has some fixes for bus in the game. As well as there are also some surveys going to happen in-game for make the game more comfortable. Not Just that there are also have some issue with the Android Controller and friend lists which may be fix with the new upcoming update.


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