Payload x War Mode: introduce new mode in PUBG Mobile

Payload x War Mode

InTencent Games launched another update for PUBG Mobile Players.

Today Tencent the company of one of the most popular game on mobile, PUBG Mobile introduce a new gaming mode. In This mode player can enjoy the excitement of the Payload x as well as War Mode in a same time.

In PUBG Mobile Twitter Account Tencent announce about this new in game mode update. Is this announcement PUBG Mobile tell that players can use heavy weapons as there primary weapon in the match.

For the new mode player can enjoy the action of an Arcade War Mode. As well as an heavy weapon using experience of EvoGround Payload Mode at a same time. To find out the new Payload x War Mode First Select the map section > Select EvoGround > Then In PayLab Section players can find the Payload x War Mode.

PUBG Mobile Payload x War Mode details

If you are till not understand how the Payload War Mode will work just read more it will clear your doubt. We firstly talk about how the War Mode Works.

Firstly in war mode player can respawn unlimited time during a match for a specific time. And a Blue zone always cover the area of the Play Zone. If players get out to the bluezone player will die.

Secondly in the Payload mode players use the RPG, Rockets, Grenade Launcher and many more heavy weapons to take down enemies. Players usually can use helicopter to attact the enemies who are in ground.

In the new War Mode player will dropped in the same map size as the Basic War Mode with the Payload mode heavy weapons. Also they can respawn and fight back as like Basic War Mode available in PUBG Mobile.

Thats how player can enjoy the Payload Mode and the War Mode at a same time. Only some days ago PUBG rolls out the new 0.16.0 Update. And PUBG also worked on the new 90FPS 10-bit HDR gaming feature for Mobile Devices.


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