PMCO 2019 Global Finals Fall Split Winners Bigetron RA

PMCO 2019 Global Finals Fall Split Winners

PMCO 2019 Global Finals Fall Split winners are Bigetron RA from Indonesia.

The World Finals of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO 2019 Global Finals) 25 have concluded and the Bigetron RA winner from Indonesia. A total of 16 teams played in the tournament over the course of three days.

Bigetron RA from Indonesia, winner of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO 2019 Global Finals) 2019 Falls Split Global Final.

On the first day, Bigetron RA collected 30 kill points, 38 placement points and 68 points and seemed to be a solid team at the top of the table.

On Day 2, the team won three ‘chicken dinners’ back-to-back and was able to score 80 kill points, 130 placement points and 211 total points.

By now, Bigetron RA was ahead of the competition and it was clear that it would take a long time for any other team to defeat them.

All Team Placements with Points

Each and every team played very well in PMCO 2019 Global Finals Fall Split.

In the end Bigetron RA played brilliantly and in the end they got total of five chicken dinners, 129 kill points, 174 placement points and 303 points total. 

Bigetron RA goes for the trophy and $180k prize money. Here is the final standings of all the teams in the PMCO 2019 Fall Split Global Final:

  1. Bigetron RA from Indonesia got – 303 points
  2. Top Esports from China got – 197 points
  3. Mega from Thailand got – 191 points
  4. ILMN from Thailand got – 190 points
  5. Entity Gaming from India got – 157 points
  6. Team Queso from Argentina got – 151 points
  7. RRQ from Thailand got – 147 points
  8. Orange from Cambodia got – 139 points
  9. Team Unique from Russia got – 133 points
  10. Cloud9 from USA got – 131 points
  11. Yoodo from Malaysia got – 105 points
  12. Soul from India got – 102 points
  13. Unicorn Gaming from Taiwan got – 101 points
  14. All Rejection Gaming Wistaria from Japan got – 97 points
  15. EGC KR Black from South Korea got – 83 points
  16. Kurd Squad from Iraq got – 67 points


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