PMCO 2020 Spring Split Registration Are Now Online

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020

PUBG Mobile announced this year Club Open Spring 2020 / PMCO 2020 via Instagram.

PMCO 2019 just happens some days ago. And now Tencent Games has already started to take registration of new PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 or PMCO 2020. PMCO 2019 is one of the biggest mobile championship event at 2019. The last biggest tournament just happens in December 2019.

Beginning of January 2020 and the date of 03/01/2020 Tencent Games started to take registration of this year PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring 2020 via official website of PUBG Mobile. With the official twitter handle of PUBG Mobile Tencent games started the registration.

With a grand description of PMCO Spring 2020 Tencent Games Said that. PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 or PMCO 2020 will be based on top players among 15 deferent regions around globe. PMCO 2020 will be world’s largest mobile sports event till now. Also that PUBG Mobile is one of the best opportunity to make the mobile esports as a career for game lovers.

As well as if players thinks that they are the best based on there skills. They are welcome to take there squad and take the PUBG Mobile Champions title for themselves. The new PMCO 2020 Spring are seeking for self confident players to be #1.

In 2019 Entity Gaming and Team SouL get the chance to take part in PUBG Mobile Club Open or PMCO 2019 Global Finals. In Global Finals Team Entity Gaming get the #5 Title after end of all matches. As well as other indian teams like Team Synerge, Team INS and Team IND also get a chance to the prelims rounds.

If they can win the prelims they also can take participate in Global Finals. In conclusion in 2019 PMCO there are a total of $2.5 million prize pool. 2019 Global Finals has played on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Details of Last Year PMCO 2019 Fall Split Grand Finals

From all over the globe players and some great teams are perticipate in 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open Global Finals. The teams who are playes the prelims matches are Asterion Myth, Bigetron RA, Detonator, Futbolist, Goskilla, Mega Esports, Omen Elite, Orange Esports CG, Party Gaming, Red Canids Kalunga, Swat69, Team Synerge, Team INS, Team IND, Tempo Storm and Victory Five.

From All the Finalists Teams top three teams are played impressive and take the title of top 3 global champions are Bigetron RA, Mega Esports and Orange Esports CG. The champians are from the finals are Bigetron RA from Indonesia, and Zuxxy take the MVP title from Global Championship.

In 2019 Vivo Mobile Company sponsor the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019. Above all PMCO 2019 get a massive response from Indian PUBG Mobile Players and Fans. South Asian Region Finals are happens in KD Jadhav Indoor Hall in Delhi From November 6 to November 10.

In South Asia Regional Final every team get chance for play against each other and there are a completely fare gameplay. In two days of final there are six matches a day happens each day. As well as all the maps Eranglel, Shanok, Miramar and Vikendi has been played in this tournament.

The Winners of South Asian Region Finals of PMCO 2019 Entity Gaming and The Team Soul are represented India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Entity Gaming get a total of 220 points and took the first position. After that Team Soul get a total of 210 points and get the second point. Which makes a confirme slot in Global Finals of PMCO 2019.


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