Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure: All Details Need to Know

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure

Pokemon Go comes with a new update for the Buddy who stayed with the players always.

Niantic the officials of Pokemon Go announce the new Buddy Adventure system for the Player. In this Buddy Adventure system there are four kind of level of Buddy. As like friend level buddy’s also have level like Good, Great, Ultra and Best Buddy.

This new update will be available for player level up to level 2. In the new buddy system the buddy Pokemon will be follow all the time when he is happy. This new Buddy Adventure will be make the Pokemon Go more realistic.

Buddy can be follow you without any hesitation of the surrounding. The buddy can be run, fly, swim anywhere in the map based on the surrounding. Players can be play with buddy with the help of AR on device.

Buddy also can express there feelings. Players must have feed the buddy for increase there happiness level. Increased level of buddy can be able to boost the CP when players do battle with there buddy’s.

Announcement Details

Niantic released the announcement via official Pokemon Go Twitter account. Players can earn 10 heart for Buddy’s every day by feeding them, take a picture of them, battle with them and also visit new Pokestop locations.

Just click on the Buddy icon on the home screen to view all the details about Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure. By clicking the play button Pokemon go player can play with there buddy in AR mode. As well as in play mode players also able to feed there Pokemon to increase there happiness level.

Each and every Pokemon has different way to express there feelings. Player need to find the way of how there buddy can be feel comfortable with them. On the other hand players which player earn more and more heart for there buddy there Pokemon will be increase more and more CP.

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