Pokemon GO New Features Help Players to Play at Home

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These are a dangerous time for the Coronavirus to be in great shape. So Niantic has announce some changes that make sure that Pokemon GO trainers who aren’t leaving their homes are lost.

There are some necessary temporary changes to for sure players do not need to away the house. Players move out of their homes to busy locations to catch and fight new Pokemon within the Pokemon Go’s model. But these are terrifying times for Coronavirus to urge bigger.

So Niantic has announced some changes that ensure players aren’t leaving their homes and that they can’t lose. New changes to the sport include increased accommodation that ensures the trainer encounters more Pokémon reception.

During a statement to Polygon, a Niantic representative said that the studio is currently “prioritizing updates on Pokemon GO features and experiences which will be enjoy in individual settings.” In addition to those , incense packs are becoming a 99 percent discount.

And therefore the incense packs will now last a whole hour. Incubator players who got to finish certain steps to hatch are now twice as effective. This suggests that it’ll require about half a step as before to hatch the egg. “Trainers can lay eggs twice as fast,” Niantic said.

Pokestops also will be making a gift of more gifts than usual and these changes are already live. Niantic didn’t specify the top date for these updates and can likely continue until “next notice”. Niantic has postponed its implemented real-world events that include Abra Community Day.

Existing events, like the Pokémon GO Battle League. Will allow Niantic players to compete with one another without being within the same position. Although special research adventure can now be ‘done by person’.

“Although we made these updates supported the present global health situation. We encourage players to make a decision. Where they ought to go and what should be wipe out the simplest interests. Their health and therefore the health of their community,” Niantic says.


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