PUBG Bugs: Player Crushed By Two Vehicle, But Not Died

PUBG PC Waypoint System AR increasing in Erangel and Miramar update 6.2 silly issues

Recently, a replacement Reddit post from user Bigbuzzwell. Showed that he clearly runs over an enemy in PUBG but he doesn’t seem to die due to bugs.

It should come as no surprise that PUBG has bugs and glitches, but when things get obvious, they stand out. Recently, a replacement Reddit post from user Bigbuzzwell, showed that he clearly runs over an enemy but he doesn’t seem to die. This is often surprising to mention the smallest amount. Since running over an enemy may be a sure fire thanks to get them to either die or knock them over.

In the video we will see that Bigbuzzwell zooming around during a Dacia on Erangel map. He spots an enemy on the bottom crouching and goes in to run him over with the car. As he’s close to crush the enemy, another player during a UAZ crashes into him and therefore the crouching enemy. The enemy is clearly thrown into the air but he lands without being knock down or killed. This is often rather strange, and what follows may be a gunfight between the three. Here the opposite enemy within the UAZ takes the crouching enemy while Bigbuzzwell takes the UAZ guy.

Apparently you can survive being sandwiched between two vehicles colliding at 70 from PUBGConsole

PUBG Glitches

Bugs within the game are an extended time complaint for players of PUBG. And therefore the devs just can’t seem to be ready to rid the sport of bugs and performance clips. One reason for this might be the very fact that the sport is continuously introducing new features week in week out. New features introduce new mechanics which mean old mechanics need to synced with all of them the time.

Though adding new features may be a constant problem for balancing the sport , many are of the opinion that the devs should take a step back from new updates and fix the sport . it’s a standard complaint that the sport has performance issues with lower spec PCs which show the foremost fall in performance. PUBG was introduce in 2017 and it’s been a short time , hence there’s a validity for the players to complain.


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