PUBG devs fix respawn bug on Team Deathmatch mode

8v8 Team Deathmatch PUBG PC with PUBG Update 6.2

Team Deathmatch mode on PUBG has been add as a part of the new PUBG Arcade. Which may be a new tab within the Play section of the sport .

PUBG introduced the team deathmatch mode to the PC version of PUBG finally. The mode has been there for a short time on PUBG Mobile now. The mode has been added as a part of the new PUBG Arcade which may be a new tab within the Play section of the sport . The Arcade section of the sport will bring other modes for the players also and therefore the Team Deathmatch is that the first of the many that we’ll apparently see.

The Team Deathmatch features 8v8 fights to seven different battlefields which can be pulled from this maps. Players are going to be ready to choose between several different weapon loadouts. This mode is FPP only and players will have spawn kits enabled. Players respawn 5 seconds after each death and shut to friendly players if the situation is safe and can be invulnerable briefly. There are not any knockdowns during this mode and players will die after their health runs out.

There were some pretty evident bugs that were introduce with the last PUBG update 6.2 which the devs are now fixing with a mid update patch. And here’s a glance at the main bug fixes that this patch introduces.

– Issue with being unable to respawn in Team deathmatch
– Abnormal animation played when employing a painkillers
– Inability to delete marker and way points with world map is close
– Issue with only having the ability to put one waypoint marker on the map
– Players falling through the bottom at a selected location on Karakin
– Issue with multiple items having the wrong names
– Incorrect UI elements for Turkey language settings
– Incorrect UI when entering community mission page in JPN language settings
– Issue with ‘Winter Breaker’ image being display as another item


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