PUBG Labs available for all PUBG players in main game


PUBG Labs feature will be available on the main server for every PUBG Player in PC. This Lab System helps players to test new upcoming new features.

Before the new PUBG Labs system, if player need to get a early update feature they need to be download the beta mode. The beta mode of PUBG is only one way to test the upcoming update till date.

The test servers are comes with few features that is already ready to launch and some points just need to public beta testing. For some need PUBG team comes with new players beta testing strategy named PUBG Labs.

PUBG Labs is available now for all players in the globe. And labs system allow players try out new upcoming updates. PUBG Announce that this labs system can test new settings, new features & new modes.

And this lab system has completely different game data. That’s why players don’t need to worry about there save game data. This system not messing up with any main save game files.

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New Skill-Based Rating & Point System

PUBG comes with a brand new system called Skill-Based Rating System, as like survival title system. Skill-Based Rating System will test their performance during the matches.

And give points, not as like the Survival time system. In this system players will be judged how many risk a player take during a fight, and gives point based on that.

Skill-based rating system will scan gameplay of players and also give rating after top five placement matches. PUBG Corporation told that this system is a optional feature that player automatically is in this new rating system.

Disclaimer is the Labs system will be updated with some new experimental features & settings for players to test these settings before the updated comes with global versions of PUBG PC game.

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