PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary With Confirm Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass 2nd Anniversary

PUBG Mobile 2nd Anniversary is not too far from now. Also the Release date of Season 12 along with the 0.17.0 Update are now confirmed now.

As well as every time there are some good news and some bad news also available for players. The upcoming season will be bases on 2nd Year Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Players can find many new items, in-game skins, outfit, sticker or many other things.

According to the leaks there are also many new skins are coming in in 0.17. Update in PUBG Mobile. Also many of items of previous year’s anniversary event are coming in 2nd Year Anniversary of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile is one of those highly popular battle royale game releases for mobile in 19th March 2018. In this year it will celebrate there 2nd Year Anniversary. ‘2GETHER WE PLAY’ is the name of Season 12 Royale Pass leaks post by Mr Ghost Gaming..

Mr Ghost Gaming leaks also many other information regarding new update you can check out. As like previous anniversary PUBG Mobile make 2nd Year Anniversary more colorful with many new 2nd Anniversary themed outfits and skins.

The video from Mr Ghost Gaming showcase more and more rewards leak from upcoming Season 12 in PUBG Mobile.

Season 12 in-depth Details

Mr Ghost also upload a video and confirm that which items and skins are coming in Season 12. And also what we can expect form this new upcoming event. Many of items from 1st Anniversary event are also coming in 2nd Anniversary.

The items are spotted on upcoming 0.17.0 beta update This might indicates the upcoming update will get the items like the Brilliant anniversary set includes the headset also the helmet. Also the L&Q Chicken M762 Skin, Brilliant Anniversary backpack, Street Art Kar98K, Elite Soldier Set and the Lucky Rabbit Set are also may come in Season 12.

And the most impotent details is the Season 12 will not coming with 0.17.0 update. The season might came along with Upcoming 0.17.5 Update.

So players have a chance to take over the items again if players miss to take the rewards in the 1st Year Anniversary. Therefore if players have them all it is a bad news for these players. According to Mr. Ghost the PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update will be role out in 12th February 2020. Also Tencent might have plan to launch these on 3rd March 2020


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