PUBG Mobile Angry Birds: all details players need to know

PUBG Mobile Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment comes with Angry Birds and a massive collaboration with most popular game PUBG Mobile from Tencent.

Tencent and Rovio team up together to promote the new Angry Birds Movie in PUBG Mobile to get more attention to the movie. Rovio Entartainment also recently announce the collaboration on official twitter account of PUBG Mobile India.

For Team Up with Angry Birds, PUBG Mobile player will see in game entrance that they can down some building with exploding birds. Therefore this modes is only available in classic mode.

This new event is hiding under the Event tab. Player also can get access this section by clicking on the Angry Birds Image is event slider. And the other way is clicking on Event Tab > Time Limited > Angry Birds’ Daring Adventure.

Angry Birds mode details

The new tweet from PUBG Mobile is asked players to try out the new Angry Bird mode. Tweet is including a teaser image of the new event and the text is “Chicken Dinner Tastes Better with Angry Birds”.

Not like any other event this event has not a lucky spins for every time guaranteed reward this time. Player also need to collect the Snowball and throw the balls to the birds.

Players need to collect snowballs from completing deferent missions in this event. A single player can collect upto six snowballs in a day. Players need to be earn more and more points to get the rewards. There are only 4 rewards for this Angry Birds event on PUBG Mobile.


  • 50 points = Supply Create Coupon
  • 200 points = Angry Birds Frame (Permanent)
  • 400 points = Nutcracker – M16A4 (7 Days)
  • 800 points = Valiant Red Ornament (Permanent)

PUBG Mobile Angry Birds Event

But, at the end there are a small problem that PUBG Mobile player in this Angry Birds event. Just look at the tweet, players are not happy with the sound the event creates at the starting at the game. Many players have also told to Tencent to remove the sound. Even streamers like MortaL also mute the in game sound when the game starts.

Some days ago the PUBG Mobile launch the latest update of 0.16.0 update with some great in-game mechanics. And a most awaited gaming mode Rage Gear is also come with this update.

And some impotent updates as like heeling when moving are also comes with these updates.

Also PUBG Mobile also announced that they are working on some anti cheating system, that might help banning more cheaters and the increasing of cheaters day by day.


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