PUBG Mobile Carlo Character Coming With 0.17.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Carlo Character Coming With 0.17.0 Update

Carlo Character also as same as the Sara character releases the last year in PUBG Mobile.

The upcoming update of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 has been already released some of the leaks already. And time its the new character of PUBG Mobile name Carlo. In previous post about 0.17.0 update give some details about which reward we can expect from the new update.

As well as there are many features are also will be ad in the 0.17.0 Update. And this time a new leak has been release. Players might be see a new character name Carlo in PUBG Mobile in next update.

Some days ago PUBG Mobile release a event for give every player a new special character name Sara. Also Sara has some special abilities in EvoGround modes. As well as Sara is a master in vehicles. Carlo might be also have some special abilities as like Sara last year.

PUBG Mobile update 0.17.0 with Carlo Charracter: Some of the details might come

Death Cam

The Death Cam is a highly recommended feature of all time. Death Cam is already available in Consoles and PC visions of PUBG sines a long time. Death Cam shows that how enemy’s kill yourself is there prospective.

Players can see themselves how they get killed by enemies. If cheating enemies kill legit players they can view and report the cheating players. This features can view the mistakes of the player and it might helpful for improve the mistakes he made during match.

Extreme Cold Mode

Extreme Cold Mode is a extreme mode and its introducing in PUBG Mobile before comes in PC Versions. Its slimier to the previous Darkest Mode. In darkest mode players need to face the Zombies

And in Cold Mode players need to survive in extreme cold weather. After match start players need to collect foods and branches in a limited time to make fire to survive the cold night perfectly.

Color Blind Mode

In Color Blind Mode there are a huge advantage going to available for PUBG Mobile to get more players. Players will find the system under the graphics option in game settings. There are four deferent color modes available.

Color Blind players may found the perfect mode according to there choice. In Color Blind Mode players can see a deferent zone colors available. And entire game might be changes according to the color mode player will set.

One another feature is now available in PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update is different classes and abilities. Now in game players might see some of some flags here and there. These flags will indicate the different factions or classes of players.

Because of same developer studio names Tencent players need to see some matches of the game between Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile. There are classes and abilities will be available in both of the game..



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