PUBG Mobile Carton Rangers event giving many rewards

PUBG Mobile Carton Rangers

Carton Rangers runs with the theme of PUBG Mobile next Royal Pass.

The new update of PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 is now live and it brings Carton Rangers. It goes with the theme of PUBG Mobile’s next Royal Pass. The devs have added a new Carton Rangers to the game which consists of objectives and completes them to create these Carton Rangers and win prizes.

There is also a naughty kitty headgear and naughty kitty set in blue. There is also a naughty kitty parachute with the Gambling Master G36C Assault Rifle. Like all crates you have a chance to win when you open these items. The more rated the item, the less likely it is to get as a drop.

PUBG has added a new Snow Walker set to the mobile game that is part of the Twilight Hunt Crate. It is a part of the Twilight Hunt Crate that has putting white, orange and black highlighted weapon skins.

This snow walker has joined the recently launched Arctic Explorer set that was added to the game’s lucky spin section. It comes after developers recently added Dark-Ops Agent, Aurora Pulse M16A4 and The Westland Survivor to the game. All of the different ways to get these items in the game. This includes the crate as well as the lucky spin section of the game.

PUBG Mobile: Here’s how you can get Carton Rangers

Carton Rangers parts can be earned by completing game objectives. Three of these will earn a carton ranger for users that will allow them to add it to their collection. Completing these will help add them to your collection, which rewards. There are prizes for completing a ranger and collecting several of them.

The Naughty Kitty set on the other hand is available with classic crates. Now it can be found in the crate section. It should be visible when you open the crate section and highlight it in gold. Now there is a possibility to get different items in the classic crate, which means you will only get the set as soon as you open it. The hat and body parts of the set are different. It costs 120UC for a single opening while its 1080UC is 10 times.

It is available through the game’s premium crates as the Dark-Ops Agent set. Therefore the set comes with multiple in-game items. These include the character’s costume, Dark-Ops Agent Hedger. To see and win the skin of this in-game character, PUBG mobile players must purchase a premium crate.


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