PUBG Mobile Fourex Map: New Upcoming Secret Map

PUBG Mobile New Fourex Map Upcoming Secret Map

PUBG Mobile recently released the new beta version of the game along with the new Upcoming Secret Fourex Map.

It’s called ‘Secretmap’ within the PUBG Mobile beta version but a report suggests that the name of this new map might be ‘Fourex’. This new map was tease by PUBG Mobile on Twitter. Also with some postcards showing four different areas of the map.

PUBG Mobile may soon be getting a serious new addition with a replacement map to play. Also as a replacement weapon and vehicle. A replacement Classic map has appeared within the beta version of the sport. And it could make its thanks to the regular version of the sport within the near future.

PUBG Mobile ‘Secretmap’ details

The new Classic map in PUBG Mobile beta is comparatively smaller than a mean map like Erangel. The entire number of players during this map is additionally less than what’s allows in Erangel and Miramar.

It comes with some new buildings that have some similarities to those in Sanhok. Which is another relatively smaller map. Also as some buildings taken from Erangel. The terrain may be a little different and includes both snow areas and grassy areas.

It also features a derivable Monster truck as a replacement vehicle, also because the P90 sub-machine gun. there’s also a replacement shotgun called the SPAS-12. There are some gameplay changes also like enemies being automatically mark once you shoot at them.

Interestingly, there are some areas with treasure chests but they are doing not open as of now. Additionally, the new secret map is that the first map that has come to the mobile version of the sport first.

As per a report by Dotesports, this new secret map might be called ‘Fourex’. It’s four main parts that are almost like some areas in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi maps.

These four areas were previously tease by PUBG Mobile on Twitter within the sort of four images of postcards with stamps showing one area each of the new map. PUBG Mobile is getting a serious update on June 1 along side a “mysterious jungle” mode, but which may not include this new map.

As of now, there’s no information on what the official name of the map are going to be and when it’ll come to PUBG Mobile. Also, since the new secret map is within the beta version of the sport , it’s not the ultimate build and should see changes when it does officially launch.


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