PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode Special Anniversary Update

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PUBG Mobile Comes with the new Hardcore Mode with the Anniversary Update

PUBG MOBILE today released a 0.17.0 version update, following a new. And varied gameplay experience for the upcoming new season with a festival anniversary. Returning to PUBG Mobile Arcade hardcore mode as well as providing extensive content with new features. And enhancements to the classic mode today theme “2gather We Play”. Players can skip new updates for free on the App Store and Google Play.

After countless requests from PUBG mobile players and community members, beloved hardware mode has officially returned to Arcade. In hard mode, all word prompts have been remove. And more practical experience and competitive challenges. Require manual operations such as pick-up and opening doors.

Also added various new content for Classic mode:

  • New Air Drop Weapon: DBS – Best weapon for high damage in the near future. DBS is a double-barrel shotgun that can only be accessed through the air drop. It fires 2 shots at the magazine and holds 14 rounds of 12 gauge ammo for reload. Also this weapon can be equip with a Hole Site, Red Dot and 2x to 6x scope.
  • On the Brothers in Arms system – players can register as rookies or veterans and play together in the classic mode battle. Experienced players with rich game experience can guide game brokers and reap great rewards. During which time rookies can learn from veterans and quickly master the game.
  • Death Replay Function – Players can now watch from the point of view of the attacker for a certain period of time before they die.
  • Universal Marks – Players now have the ability to quickly communicate, locate locations, supplies, vehicles, death crate and doors for teammates.
  • Colorblind mode – In graphics settings, it provides more color options for in-game indicators. Such as poison, smoke and ary in auxiliary lines for people with color blindness.
  • Team Volume Control – Players can now adjust the voice volume of individual teammates in battle.
    Firearm balance and other improvements

To celebrate the upcoming 2nd anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Therefore Royal Pass will provide a new wave of gears, challenges and rewards at the festival’s season. Season 12 themed “2gather We Play” game from March 9th. Where interactive games and attractions will appear. Players can take part in the upcoming anniversary celebration event for exclusive awards and success.


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