PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Coming Along With Erangel 2.0

PUBG New Miramar Map

Another leak has been release regarding to the new PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 along with Karakin Map. With the new update there might be some hidden room can be seen by players.

Tencent the debelopers of PUBG Mobile teasing again the upcoming Erangel 2.0. This time might be its will not take any more time to take over in the game. Also the new Karakin Map also might be coming with PUBG Mobile in near future.

With the recent video of Mr. Ghost Gaming release the Chinese beta version. And there can we see the new features of the revamped map. With the video we also see some hidden rooms and new locations can be seen in Erangel Map.

Aside all of these there is a TV that shows that there are some of shorts of the new Karakin Map. This might be a hint of the upcomming update in Karakin Map in PUBG Mobile. Tencent also release some notes about the new Karakin Map soon for PUBG Mobile.

In official Chines version of PUBG Mobile shows the reworked version of Erangel Map and this is original. The PUBG Mobile is the global version and in China the game name is Game for Peace. All the updates we can see in Game for Peace.

Another YouTuber name Wynnsanity release the chines official beta version of PUBG Mobile. There are many of changes we can see in this video are deferent from regular Erangel in the game. This changes are might be connects with Erangel 2.0 Map updates.

Erangel 2.0 Physical Overview

In Erangel 2.0 we can see the island is divide in three peaces of land. And this time near Georgopol the waterways are now divide the main island of the main map of the game. Players also can see many of new bridges are now available in the game. This bridges will connect the main islands.


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