PUBG Mobile Library Map have arrived in Game of Peace

PUBG Mobile Library Map have arrived in Game of Peace

In this new PUBG mobile game mode on the Library Map, almost all weapons in the game circle will be use by players.

The Chinese version “Game of Peace” of the PUBG Mobile seems to have a new library map. Also a new video from Mr. Ghost Gaming shows that the new map is also part of a new mode. This new game mode has almost all the weapons that are in play through this new video has appeared in the beta version of the Chinese game.

This means that it may take some time before we can see a similar version in the international version of the game. The new mode appears to be playing on the library map. There appear to be two layers on this map. A central upper layer that is accessed with stairs.

Weapon Details

There are hidden passages as well that help players hide behind other team players. It is not every man for their mode. Rather it seems that there are two parties. And the players have to take out the players on the other team. Players begin with a UZI in hand.

New weapons cannot be pick and no weapons are raise on the map. The most unique aspect of this mode is that players get better weapons as each fragment. The next weapon is display in the secondary weapon slot. Players cannot switch weapons because everyone has only one weapon at a time.

Weapons seem to be more powerful at one point. After which it seems it becomes more difficult. Players have to use weapons that are more difficult to kill. These include a dual-barrel shotgun and then a pistol. In order to win in the mode players have to beat the final with a pan.

All players have to kill with 18 different weapons. Whoever kills 18 can win the game quickly. When the players died they thought they had the latest weapon resp This is definitely an interesting mode and we hope to see it in the international version of the game soon.


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