PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Update: Players Need To Know

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Update

With a report about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 Update confirm that the night mode, new lobby and room card system are coming with the 0.16.0 update.

After many days there will be a new PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update is on the way according a new report. As well as the date miners leaks the 0.16.0 update for all the expectations. With the report its confirm that there will be the night mode, as well as brand new lobby and the room card system will be coming in this update.

Every time the developers try to not give any information about new update for every update. But with the help of leaks the information now starts to came out. The upcoming 0.16.0 update of PUBG Mobile Lite expects to arrive on between 18 February to 23 February.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 update: All details

New Night Mode

The Night Mode is available on all other PUBG versions across all of the devices. Players now can enjoy many map with the effect of the Night. In every versions of PUBG players can find night theme based items such night-vision goggles.

Night Vision Goggles can help players to make the map easier to see. Its not confirm that how the night mode can be added in the PUBG Mobile Lite.

Room Card System

Players now can buy Room Cards from the game shop. The room card allows to the players to play with there friends and see who is better along with them. As well as this is also not confirm that how this system will introduce in the game.

In every version of PUBG players can find the room card from the shop with now cost at all.

New Logo of PUBG Mobile Lite

As well as due to increasing popularity of PUBG Mobile Lite the company now upgrade there in-game logo as well. The new logo will will inspires from a male character with a orange. The logo is different form the previous logo.

New Lobby Walkthrough

Not only that the new lobby are also coming with the 0.16.0 update in PUBG Mobile Lite. This might have snow theme in the lobby. Also the lobby will feature UAZ in the background.

Country Flag

Aside of all the leaks there also more updates are available. Which is the Country Flag System leaks by the report.

Upgraded Graphics

At Last, Tencent Games added a new upgrade graphics settings for all the PUBG Mobile Lite players at the time of new year. Developers finally confirms that they will finally turn up the graphics settings on the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite post a tweet in there official twitter account that they will increasing the graphics settings in there 0.16.0 update. Players also can see how the new upgrade graphics settings will effect the game.

As like the main PUBG Mobile game, In PUBG Mobile Lite there also the highest graphics settings are also locked for players. In the new year the Ultra HD might be unlock in this year. Which will increase the graphics and visuals  improvements in the game.


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