PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year Is Now Available In Game

PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year aka Spring Party Event

PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year is available in the game now. “Spring Party” is the name to find out in game.

Tencent and PUBG Corp introduce the PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year Celebration Event in the game. Also the company has works a lot to bring new in-game events. As like every time Tencent now ready to engage more and more players in huge amount of events at a time.

Event updates are deferent from the average features update roll out in the game. Not only mobile the developer PUBG Corp are also give the supports actively in all other platforms. Some of the platforms are Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, also PS4.

After taking all the huge responsibility of all the players who can enjoy the events. PUBG Corp manages to roll out events in all of there platforms. PUBG Corp give all the information regurding new event in all of there twitter accounts to updated players as well.

The New Event Details

The new tweet give information about the PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year Event which beginning of the “Prosperous Spring”. In the game the developers named it as Spring Party. Also players need to collect lanterns to make the event complete.

Players can exchange the lanterns with there friends and after completing all lanterns they will get a permanent outfit as reward. PUBG release a the dedicated event video in there YouTube channel.

Players will find the PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year Event aka Spring Party Event in the event section as well as in right site of the home screen. Players can find up to 10 lantern material bags on classic match daily. As well as after getting the lantern material bags they need to open it.

Players can find deferent parts to complete the lantern inside the bag. After complete first lantern they will be gifted with rewards. After light out all the lantern they will gifted with the exclusive permanent outfits.

Also the game offers to trade materials with friends as well as players can gift the materials as a gift to there friends. In official website, official Instagram, Facebook, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store players also can find a “redemption code” for lantern bag.

Tencent also informed about that players will get a special spring outfit at the end time in PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year Event. The PUBG Mobile Lunar New Year aka Spring Party will be start from 21th January 2020. And it will continue to 6th January 2020.

Players can also  join now to participate in the game.


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