PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar: Scoped Win94, Canted Sight, Golden Mirado

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar With 0.18.0 Update And Season 13

After many unofficial rumors PUBG Mobile now officially announce whats are coming in the 0.18.0 Update. PUBG Mobile named “Mad Miramar” for the update which is coming in 7th May 2020.

As per the previous post there are many information about the 0.18.0 update. Here are going to be each and every details regarding the new upcoming update announced bu PUBG Mobile Officials. Also PUBG Mobile officials recently announce a new upcoming update and named it Mad Miramar Map Update.

In this update there seems to be Miramar in a very different prospective. According to all the official social media posts there a bunch of new systems and items are coming with the update. Therefore the 0.18.0 update will release on 7th May 2020.

Mad Miramar Map Update

At present time Miramar Map is the only desert map available in the game. With this update Miramar Map getting most of the changes this time. And Miramar Map is going to be wild with those changes. As per the update video released on YouTube is looks like the map getting many new areas, as well as many abandoned parts of a race track.

Players can take there vehicles and spin those with the ramps and looks like there are also have some pathways for take there vehicles and race with them. As well as looks like there are a new area has added in the map. Which held a new water town in Miramar map named Oasis. In Ruins area a new city has been added, players can explore those new places in the map as well.

Miramar Sandstorm

Based on the beta update there it will be confirm that the complete map will getting a some new sandstorm system. Which make the game more intense and make players to not giving enough visibility to play aggressive. As well as in the map there will be some random specific places where the sandstorm getting heavy where the visibility will be blocked extremely.

For the extreme heavy sandstorm it will be very hard to find enemy who are camping near the players. The sandstorm not only make the game hard, it will also taking some special loot crates inside the sandstorm. With this much update the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map looks impressive.

Aside of the good reason there will be require a lot of power to handle these updates. So its looks like the map will result much smoother in high-end phones compare to the low-end phones. As well as this mode is getting a new vending machines system which help players to get many consumables as like painkiller and energy drinks.

Scope in Win94 (Winchester 94)

In PC version of PUBG, we can already see the pre installed scope in Win94 DMR Sniper. There will be a pre build 2.7x scope in the gun. Win94 has a decent amount of damage and the scope will make the gun more usable. Players in PC version use the gun more than any other DMR Sniper in PUBG PC Miramar Map

New P90 SMG Gun

P90 SMG is one of the highest recommended gun for everyone who plays well with the SMG Guns. The P90 SMG Gun can take upto 50 bullets in a single magazine. As well as the gun also have the highest fire rate and has the highest damage rate to kill enemies faster. The gun will support 9mm ammo and this will have a limited range.

The Gun will support only muzzles, sights, and fore grips as a attachment. For now P90 SMG will be arrive only in Arena Mode, there’s no confirmation that when it will be available in Classic Mode. Or is it arrive in Classic Matches ever ?

Canted Sight Scope

One of the highest most awaited game feature is coming with the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update. The canted sight scope will be a additional scope for all of the guns. And the scope can be use in every condition of the game. Players can use a specific button to switch between main primary scope and the canted sight. Therefore this Canted Sight Scope is the most similar scope like a Red Dot Sight.

Golden Mirado Vehicle

In Miramar Mirado is one of the highest using vehicle from all over the map. And also the vehicle is very easy to handle. If player is lucky they can found a golden version of Mirado vehicle. As per the update the Mirado may spawn more from any other vehicle. Except Mirado other vehicle of Miramar Map is quite disappointing when they are taking for use.

Other Features in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update

With the update there are many of small updates will be arrive. This updates including auto equip scope in all of the guns. Players can change the option in settings to make changes. There will be some new bullet marking system will also arriving.

As well as players now can copy the control layouts from FPP to TPP also from TPP to FPP. Therefore the updates might be come with PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update. There is a brand new results screen UI are arriving.

With the new Results Screen UI will help players to understanding there match results and it will also show exact where the all gunshots are arriving. There will be a new Cheer Park will also mentioned by the official PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Post. Players can enjoy there, chill with teammates, can something eat and many more as like the Amusement Park in Erangel Map.


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