PUBG Mobile Operation Tomorrow is the Season 11 RP

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 11 Operation Tomorrow

As like every time PUBG Mobile comes with the theme named Operation Tomorrow which based on some futuristic.

With the new 0.16.5 update PUBG Mobile bring some new mode as well as some old modes. As well as new royal pass named Operation Tomorrow also comes with the new update in PUBG Mobile. New Arena mode has been introduce with this update also.

New official announcement by PUBG Mobile also confirms the new Season 11 Royal Pass theme. Player now can enjoy the previous TDM mode. The new domination mode is also live now. Players will be divide into two teams, Team Blue and Team Red. Whoever capture the first 2 bases will win the match. Also Domination mode is a 4v4 mode as like Arena mode in PUBG Mobile.

Update comes with 0.16.5 Update

In domination mode there will be a random base will be activate when the match starts. After capturing the base in the specific time the second random base will be activate. After active all the bases which teams holds the first bases will win the match.

To make the game more powerful the Super Weapon Create also can be find during the match. More powerful guns will make the game more fun to play. In 0.16.5 update there are not only maps removed, there are also more maps are also add in the game.

For huge demand of the Old Warehouse mode PUBG Mobile bring the map back with the name of Arena Training Ground. As like before players are able to pickup weapon as there choice during match. Player’s dose not need to use there loadout during match.

New update brings new maps, loadout system, new game modes and many more items. Within some days PUBG Mobile will bring some of the new outfits based on futuristic theme. With PUBG Mobile Operation Tomorrow Season 11 Royal Pass there are some new RP missions also available in the game.

Update comes with Royal Pass Season 11

In vikendi map players can find the Snowmobile except of Bike. The new snowmobile has less damage capacity. But can runs more smoothly then the motorcycle in Vikendi because of ice. Snowmobile has a capacity of two players.

With the new 0.16.5 update Groza now has lesser damage only in Team Arena mode. Best thing about the new royale pass is there are multiple missions are available to complete. So players now not need to do a specific missions to complete there Royal Pass to Maximum level.

As well as there are a new system available to reduce the size of the game. Players now can select which map they need to download. if player not play a specific mode. hey also don’t need to download the map. This thing might reduce the size of the game and can make the game more smoother.


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