PUBG Mobile Red Packet Drops Event, Prosperous Spring

PUBG Mobile Red Packet and Prosperous Spring Event

From Today the new Red Packet Event aka Prosperous Spring is going on in PUBG Mobile at the time of Luner New Year.

Tencent and PUBG Corp day by day coming with new event ideas in the game to make players engage is the game. With the new PUBG Mobile Red Packet and Prosperous Spring event PUBG brings gifts for everyone.

From Today the PUBG start a new series of spring festive celebrations at the time of Lunar New Year. Players from all over the globe can join in this “Prosperous Spring” in game event. In this in-game event players are able  to get some in-game reward and some of physical reward for free.

And the tagline of the PUBG Mobile Red Packet Event aka Prosperous Spring Event is “Winner Winner Lucky Together”. The developers of the game wants to make a great startup of the Lunar New Year for every players.

Prosperous Spring celebration also starts two new main in-game event the Spring Party Lantern Event and this Red Packet Event. This new events also came over with new unique festive outfits in the game.

Red Packet Event event details

The event is going on till 6th February 2020. Between the time players need to find different materials by playing in classic mode to build the lantern. Players need to complete four lantern phases to get the ultimate prize.

Each of the lantern need unique piece of materials to complete. As well as very lantern has five deferent of material design. Players need to help there friends also need to exchange materials to complete the lantern. After completing all the lanterns combination they will rewarded with a rare permanent outfit.

PUBG Mobile Red Packet Drops event will give players a winning chance of the max reward of a Golden Helmet. Second prize will be the Air Pods, also the third reward will be 20$ Play Store and Apple Store Gift Cards.

Tencent makes a real gold Level 3 helmet to giveaway. The Level Three Golden Helmet is the exclusive physical reward arrived in game. Players also can win the Apple Air Pods, as well as Google Play or Apple Store gift cards. Also many of in-game rewards.

The Red Packet Event will start from 24th January 2020 to 28th January 2020. Players will get a festive Red Packets from the PUBG Mobile in a specific time for every region. This year the developers gift many special gifts to celebrate the lunar new year.

Players can see the reward by opening the Red Packets in the giving time also they will get the rewards.


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