PUBG Mobile Theme Music Cover Preparing By Musicians

PUBG Mobile Theme Music Cover Preparing By Musicians

PUBG Mobile are now ready to celebrate the “2GETHER WE PLAY” based Theme Music Cover for Live Flagship Tournaments

PUBG Mobile completes its two successful year and they recently releases the Second Anniversary in the game.In the Time of 2nd Anniversary PUBG Mobile release a Theme Music Cover Contest for Worldwide PUBG Mobile Fans.

Also PUBG Mobile releasing the competitive events for the gaming community. All celebrations are mainly focus on the 2nd Year Anniversary “2GETHER WE PLAY”. With the opportunity of travel sports tournaments, merchandise and even some  permanent unique clothing in the game.

To participate in this competition players need to download the original music from official website of PUBG Mobile. After downloading the music they need to use there own musical instrument cover, vocals and also other sound effects.

After completing the music cover, participants need to upload the music in YouTube with the hashtag of #PUBGMThemeMusicCover. With this contest Participants are allows to show there dedication and creativity to simultaneously improvising on melody and rhythm.

After all the official PUBG Mobile will recognize the theme with central key to the cover. After all participants upload there video they also need to register on their own official website. Along with there YouTube ID and email address.

Therefore aside of all the main copyright will belong to the theme is PUBG Corporate. And the uploaded video will not get monetization in any kind of way. In 5th April 2020 the winner will be announce.

Winner Prizes

The highest 15 videos with highest view will get a chance to win many exciting prizes. Also the top five participants will get the top prize in this competition, A all-expenses-paid trip in the upcoming esports tournaments on PUBG Mobile.

As well as the music also will be perform their cover on stage at the event which is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Second prize will be distributes along in top 6-10 winners. They will receive the physical PUBG Mobile Merchandise Airdrop.

The third prize will be distributes between the top 11-15 winners. They will receive a unique permanent in-game clothing. The event has started from 15th March 2020, and will be continue till 5th April 2020.

With the submission of music video they will agrees to the Contest Terms and Conditions of Music Cover.  Winners Will be announced within 10 business days after the end of this competition. As well as Winners also need to contact within those days of submission deadline by [email protected]

If you are also interested in this competition you can get the registration and the audio files of the theme music on the official website.


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