PUBG PC New Update With Many Of Bug Fixes Available

PUBG: Story of Miramar PUBG PC New Update

PUBG PC fixes the most popular glitch about hide in swallow water in new update. This makes players really hard to find some one in the map.

There’s a replacement update on PUBG PC that brings some bug fixes that were present within the last new 6.1 update. The most server was down for four hours and is now up with the fixes. One among these fixes involve proning in shallow water which made people really hard to identify .

Technically this wasn’t possible, but this bug was introduce recently. Let’s have a glance at the bug fixes that was introduce during this patch.

– Medieval Helmet skin can’t be seen when worn by female characters
– Players ready to prone in shallow water
– Visual issue with certain pants skins
– Inconsistent icon sizes within the lobby

The last update for PUBG added Season 6 to the most PUBG server of the sport . PUBG Corp teased the new Karakin map which came first on the Test Server. Karakin map brings intense action and quick gameplay features to PUBG PC.

The Karakin map details

The Karakin map is an island off the coast of North Africa and is merely 2×2 in size. The chief producer of PUBG Corp, TS Jang, appeared during a video again. And explain what was being release with this new update.

Karakin may be a map with arid, rocky environment that gives wide-open terrain and challenging engagements. The devs promise that the map is little , fast, and dangerous: Expect the strain of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok. Karakin may be a 64 players map.

The Black Zone is meant to push players out of the security of a building and get them to open area. Towns are often undamage, totally flatten. Also everything in between with Black Zone. there’ll be a siren to point the starting of the black zone. The world will turn purple on the map. Vikendi has been faraway from public matches temporarily and can get replace by Karakin.

Also PUBG developers are finally introduce the C4 which is being call Sticky Bomb. This will be use on enemies and on the new Breach Points in Karakin. This throwable are going to be exclusively available on Karakin map. Bullets can penetrate breachable walls and people open up tons of avenues for campers or those countering them.

With a replacement season, comes a replacement survivor pass. The blog also mentions, “Whether you’ve got purchased Premium Pass or not. All players can join together to fill the Community Accomplishment Gauge, then claim in-game skin rewards and unravel the hidden story of Karakin.” you’ll inspect all the update details here.


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