PUBG Season 6 in console with Karakin map on Jan 30

PUBG Karakin Map with Season 6 Blood Effect

With a new season 6 video release by PUBG Corp. PUBG Season 6 coming in console in 30th January.

PUBG Corp release a video to notify about the console is now ready to get the new PUBG Season 6 in January 30. The new Karakin Map is a real time island from North Africa and this is only in 2×2 in size.

In PC version of PUBG the season 6 has been released on 22th January 2020. Along with Season 6 there are the Karakin map now available in the game. With all of this there are also many new items and the a new survivor pass also available in the game.

PUBG Season 6: Update Details

Karakin Map:

Karakin Map is also a miramar like map in PUBG. Because of the rocky environment and arid will make the map more wide-open terrain also make challenging engagements for play. Previous officials promises to make the map as small as possible. And also they make the PUBG Karakin map more intense and dangerous for Play.

PUBG Karakin Map

After all they make the map for playing 64 players at a same time in a 2×2 small base.As like other map’s Blue Zone, in Karakin map there are Black zone which is design for move out players from a building. In this new map every town inside it can be undamaged.

Also it can be totally flattened, everything inside Black Zone can be damageable. In Karakin Map there will be a siren system that useful for get alert from Black Zone. Also in the map the Black Zone area will turned blue during activate. The ice map Vikendi will be replece with the Karakin Map for some temporary time from public matches.

Sticky Bomb:

After a huge time PUBG now introduce the C4, in game its called the Sticky Bomb. This Sticky Bomb is going to use for a not jump able bomb. Also this will be exclusively available for the Karakin Map for insane action statistics. This Throwable can be use for stick anywhere in the game to take down campers.

Motor Glider:

Till now the one and only motor glider vehicle is only available on PUBG Labs. And now its available on the live server of the game. Players can found this on anywhere in Erangel and Miramar Map.

PUBG Motor Glider

This vehicle has two seat, one for the scout who sit beside also he can shoot with any gun he have. Therefore the other sit is for the Pilot. One funny problem with Motor Glider is, this vehicle will spawn with no fuel in it. Players need to find and fuel up the vehicle to fly in the sky.

Shakedown the Survivor Pass:

As like every season there are a theme is compulsory with all the Seasons. This time its name is Shakedown. Also as like every time this is coming with a sew survivor pass. In official blog there are clearly describe that players who purchase the Premium Pass or not. Every players can join the Community Accomplishment Gauge to fill it together.

PUBG Karakin Map with Season 6

Players will get new skins also new rewards, not only that. After complete the community goal players will unveil the story of the Karakin as like the miramar story.



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