PUBG: Story of Miramar has been released for community

PUBG: Story of Miramar PUBG PC New Update

As like previous community video of Erangle PUBG launch another video for Miramar in PUBG Season 5.

In Previous year the Erangle map video get a massive impression on PUBG players. And now the PUBG Miramar story came out and this video also might me rock the battlefield. In 2019 the community video are based on Erangle Map. This time the video theme is based on Miramar Map and a short story it it for completing the community goal for PUBG Season 5.

After completing the community goal PUBG Dev team release this miramar themed short story to show that how Miramar are get into the game. In Erangle community video there are story of a Russian Man in PUBG Miramar. Who grow up in city of Erangle and how he start his journey to became the No. 1.

In the Season 4 Cinametic video its based on a single person. The man who survived alone in Erangle in the intense war. Came back later and purchase the Erangle island and make it as a Battle Ground.

Season 5 Video and the Story

Season 4 Erangle Cinametic video release in YouTube as usual. But In Season 5 Cinematic Video released in Twitter With #Miramar and #PUBG hashtag.

As well as in Season 5 Community Video there are a Mexican person is bringing a man to defeat a boss. In this new video there are just a continuation of the old Season 4 cinematic video. This new video also has the same Russian Man continue the story with Miramar map.

Boss of Miramar is in a meeting with a worker from the Russian man. The Russian man offer to give him the Miramar. And the boss of Miramar aka the Mexican person rejected the offer and tell that is The Miramar can’t be giveaway.

This is a clear rejection, the man who go there for the conversation he get out from the office of Miramar boss. Told him that he get out from here for a phone call. The Erangle boss is already observing all the situation from the flying jet.

The Erangle Boss aka the Russian man sit in a jet and observe the map from the air. As well as he is listening all the conversation that is happening in Miramar boss’s office. When the worker get out from the office as excuse of a phone call the Russian man trigger a button and a explosion happens in the room.

The New Season 5 Cinemetic video gives Miramar a new life. Players can interact the map more frequently. As well the new Season will be based on Miramar that is confirmed. In this video looks like the Russian man is now more bold. Player can checkout the the official tweet in upper section of my Post.


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