PUBG Update 0.15.0 !!! What PUBG Bring in this update ?

PUBG Update 0.15.0

PUBG Update 0.15.0 Comes With Many Tweaks In Some Days. With Payload Mode, New TDM Map, New Vehicle, New Guns And Many Other Things.

PUBG Mobile Announce PUBG Update 0.15.0 Coming Too Soon. It have many things comes with it. Deagle Pistol, Tank BRDM 2, Ledge Grab and many more. View The Complete Post to Know About It All.

PUBG Already Started To Give Us Hints About Its New Update On Its Facebook, Twitter Or Instagram.  You Can Go There And Get All Updates About New PUBG 0.15.0 Update. PUBG Mobile Will Get All Updates That PUBG PC Already Have. Its Need Time But Updates Are Going To Come.

1. Payload Mode with Helicopter

PUBG Update 0.15.0

In PUBG Mobile new Payload Mode *confirmed* coming in this update. It will be a part of the Arcade Mode. PUBG already include this in there Beta Mode. In this mode if player die due to some reason. Team mates can loot there create and get a pass for recall the player. After get the pass players need to go over a tower near them and can call their partner who is dead. That’s how a dead partner can come over in game.

2. PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Bring Erangel 2.0

PUBG Update 0.15.0

PUBG Announced Erangle 2.0 in PMCO 2019 but still this is not available at PUBG Mobile. Its Because Erangle 2.0 is a big update going to be. Its need to much herd work and efforts to apply this update to global version. This mode will be available in classic mode.

3. New Team DeathMatch Aztec Temple Map

One of the most popular for mode available at PUBG is TDM. This mode invented for quick play for players. Players show their skills in this match. Some rumors are players play quick tournament in its 4×4 battle system. For its popularity PUBG introduce this new map in this mode. For Design Like A Temple This Map Called “Aztec Temple Map

4. Upcoming Guns And Attachments in 0.15.0

There are many guns for New Update. Some are for some exclusive maps. And a new Canned Sight system coming to this Update. Here are the list of all guns a attachments which are coming in this Update.

Deagle Pistol

This is a pistol but this can give damage like a AR. If you can handle this gun in PUBG Mobile then you have a great benefit with its power. This pistol use .45 caliber bullets. With Its Damage Power this gun able to down a level 3 helmet with its 2 shots.


This gun i already available in PUBG Mobile beta mode. You Can Download The beta version and can play with this gun. This Gun Exclusively Available at Payload Mode.  This gun can perform like a missile launcher. You can use this gun when you are in helicopter.

Canned Sight

With help of this players are able to switch scopes in PUBG Mobile. This Sight system already available in PUBG PC.  In Chinese Version this system is already available to play.

There are 3 guns also coming in 0.15.0 Update.


M79 grenade launchers


5. Upcoming Vehicle And Fuel System

PUBG Update 0.15.0

BRDM 2 Amphibious Tank 

One of the most powerful vehicle available in PUBG Mobile. This Vehicle Can Run Over in ground and it can be run over in water also. This vehicle Can Take Much More Damage Than Any Other Vehicle Till Available In PUBG Mobile. This Vehicle Will Replace Armored UAZ. Which Is Only can be called using Flare Gun.

Explosive Gas Cans in PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update

In New update gas cans are going to be Blast. Which Is Already Blast In PUBG PC.

6. PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Repair Kits

PUBG is going to create some really awesome system. Which are not available till now to any other game. Which is Repair Kits. There are 4 type of repair kits going to be available in game.

  1. Vehicle Repair Kit
  2. Armor Repair Kit
  3. Helmet Repair Kit
  4. Hemostatic Device

With Help Of Vehicle Repair Kit player are able to repair there vehicle before blast.

Armor Repair Kit Helps you For Repair your damage armor.

Helmet Repair Kit Helps you For Repair your damage helmet.

Hemostatic Device is going to use for revive a partner within 1 second.

7. Ledge Grab and Sliding Effect

This is the most wanted update for PUBG Mobile Players. With THe Help of Ledge Grab system players are able to to to rooftop for many buildings. Which are not available now to reach.

Many of the Updates Are coming to this 0.15.0 Update. Subscribe To Our Newsletter for more tricks

Download PUBG Beta From Here.


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