PUBG Update 6.3 On Console Is Now Live On Servers

PUBG update 6.3 and Panzerfaust with Team Deathmatch Mode on console

PUBG Update 6.3 is now available on live servers of console including Panzerfaust.

The new 6.3 update is on live servers on PUBG Console which is recently release on PC version of the game last month. And the update comes along with recently teased Panzerfaust.

Apart from this, some weapons have a role to play. Weapons changes include re-balancing some of the weapons, including the ones found only in the care packages. In addition to the disappearance changes in Team Deathmatch, there are a ton of new bug fixes. All patch notes in PUBG Update 6.3 can be viewed here.

New Weapons: Panzerfaust

The Devils are stripping Panzerfaust in the Season 2. And now the weapon is up. It’s a powerful AOE weapon, but there are some drawbacks to highlighting Panzerfaust. First, it takes a primary weapon slot, which limits the user’s options.

The camouflage travels very fast, but can be dodge by the attentive player. There is also a back blast zone behind Panzerfaust, so players need to look at the squad mate before throwing it away.

Panzerfaust is guarantee in each airflow. Panzerfaust warhead explodes on impact but can also be flown in mid-air. The radius of damage is 6 m from the impact point. The explosion can deal splash damage through thin walls and objects over a short distance.

Much like the sticky bombs, Krakin can be use to breach certain walls. Warhead explodes in mid-air before being impact by an explosion or shot by a bullet.

Weapons balance

Tommy songs have been weak for a while, so the Devils are adding spectacular slots for red dots and holos and increasing the damage. The M249 is moving towards a common boot from the care packages but is losing some of its damage and a little bit more.

Last but not least, the UMP-45 wasn’t intend to be switch on. so it’s getting a glass bump across the board.


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