PUBG update 7.1 with reworked Vikendi are now live

PUBG PC update 7.1 Season 7

PUBG Update 7.1 is now online in test servers of PUBG PC. And its may be live on main servers within a few days.

The new season of Player Unknown Battlefield is nearly upon us. The new PUBG Update 7.1 is now survive PC Test Server. which suggests it’ll be coming to the basis server soon. This new update reverts to the Vikendi map after rework. The Vikendi Map was expire after the new season began. During that point , the devs have done tons of labor to make something new and special on the PUBG iceberg.

PUBG Update 7.1: Major Changes with the update

Vikendi updated version

Weekend has changed tons since we last saw it. It’s a light-weight zone, adjustable ice level (and has since been re-adjusted supported player test response), cities and landmarks changed, added a multi-track railroad system to assist navigate the island, and even at Dino Park transforms the park into a prehistoric park of the longer term.

Trains are available and may be seen running on multiple tracks throughout Vikandi. There’s an outsizes train line with connect tracks towards the inland area of the island which extends along the perimeter of the Weekend. Trains temporarily stop at train stations throughout the map. Snowbikes and snowmobiles are now remove from the game. Instead the motorcycle and motorcycle speed are going to be. A replacement cargo depot has also been available.

Survival Pass: polar front

Survival Pass: Winterfront is that the thanks to bring cool new clothing to Aspen Tutu 7. From Disneyland employee clothing and mascot clothing to other themed looks, there’s something for everybody. Players can unlock community rewards by working together again, so stay tuned for data discs. All players can contribute to the community yard to unlock videos and receive community skin rewards.

New weapons: Mosin-Nagant

A new weapon is being added, though it’s not really being added as another one. The new weapons are a precision rifle called Mosin-Nagant, which is actually a tax 98k. This is often being done to make sure that new weapons are available, but not too many sorts on the map.

The figures, attachments, ammunition, etc. Are all copy directly from Kar98k, but Mosin’s own look and sound are going to be display. The Mosin-Nagant precision rifle has been adds to Vikendi and Erangel. In addition to those there are other general quality of life changes which will all be verified here.


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