PUBG Waypoint System for PC is coming with next update

PUBG PC Waypoint System AR increasing in Erangel and Miramar update 6.2 silly issues

Another Big Update will Be come with PUBG 5.2 Update

PUBG PC comes with a new patch PUBG  Waypoint System. When you are playing PUBG there are absolutely a friend available who doesn’t stay with team.

And refuse to follow team coordination. They will be go as much distance as possible to reach and made the game more hard to play.

In this upcoming patch PUBG Corporation added a Waypoint System that helps to give the perfect coordination to understand the player and can reach perfectly.

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PUBG Waypoint System can help players to select particulate movement commands in the map that can seen by there teammates. Player can select a starting point and after that they can select another 3 points.

These points shown from where to where to go with arrow indicator. This can help for a coordination to understand perfectly.

PUBG PC Waypoint System

Other Updates Comes with Waypoint System

PUBG Waypoint System is a incredible update.  pubg also comes with some huge update in vikendi map. After miramar vikendi is a most sniper rifle-heavy map. But now PUBG will change the designs of the building in Vikendi map.

As well as it will be make this map more intense and sniping map for Sniper players. Some buildings might be removed in this update to improve gameplay, and some must be replaced.

This patch comes with a new feature called PUBG Labs. In this lobby PUBG Corporation will test different settings, and different rules in PUBG PC. This is a new kind of lobby for beta players and testers.

Players may able to test new game modes and give their feedback to make this game more intense. PUBG Waypoint System comes with 5.2 Update.

Which will available in PUBG test Servers after 20th November, and will be also available for consoles in 26th November.


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