Ranked Ruleset Arrived On PUBG Labs Of PUBG PC

Ranked Ruleset Arrived On PUBG Labs Of PUBG PC

The current PUBG Ranked Ruleset is clearly a mix of casual and esports used in tournaments.

Player Unknown Battlefields has a new ranked ruleset that has been added as part of the Labs tabs. The Ranked Ruleset will be available for a limited time. It launches the game in ranked competitive mode. This mode will be use by the Devs to finalize the rules in the game’s competitive mode.

The Devs are basically asking players to help them determine the right set of rules. The rule will likely be change during the test period to optimize them.

The current ruleset is obviously a mix of casual and esports used in tournaments. The blog mentioned to me, “A ruleset like this requires feedback. So like our previous skill-based rating test. We look forward to PUBG LABS collecting your feedback as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“During this Labs test, we will analyze the data and your feedback to better understand what our players are enjoying and adjust the ruleset accordingly before our live.”

“Responding to this test will help us decide if it’s right for the upcoming competitive mode or if we need to adjust something,” the team concluded, “so sharing your opinions about what you do and don’t like. While we’re not ready enough to dive into the specifics of the upcoming competitive mode, Further details, including a declaration bound for months, keep an eye ”

The event will go live from March 9 and runs through March 9. The blog also mentions that for this test, players will not receive BP or Survivor Pass XP for ranked ruleset matches because of their stay in LABS. The ranked ruleset will be available in the Labs section of the menu from time to time. For easy access, players can access the LABS banner above the Start button.


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