Rs 200 Discount Coupon Available With Season 12 Pass

2gether We Play with PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 are live Rs 200 Discount Coupon

Some lucky players will get Discount Coupon of Rs 200 when they purchase Royale Pass of Season 12 with Google Play.

As like every season and new Royale Pass Google offers Rs 200 Discount Coupon for Android players. This offer only applicable when someone purchase royale pass from Google Play Store. And this Discount Coupon only applicable on when using in-game in PUBG Mobile.

Players can find the offer in there Google Play Store main menu, or in the rewards section. The coupon only can be use in the game itself for the Royale Pass Season 12 and it worth of Rs 200. Players need to claim the Rs 200 Discount Coupon from Google Play Store first and then launch the game to use it.

This coupon gives Rs 200 credit when players will purchase in the game. And also players need to purchase with real money when the purchasing in game. Aside of this there are a single condition available when players want to claim this offer.

Players need to Purchase UC more than Rs 350. When players go to purchase more than 350 rupees players will get discount of 200 Rs. At the time of purchasing the google play purchase system will promote the 200 rs discount coupon to use it.

After player avail the coupon in Google Play Store they can do the purchase until 29th March 2020. Because of the minimum requirement to spend to claim the discount coupon This Royal Pass Season 12 makes the perfect worth it.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 with Season 12

The new PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 is ready to arrive and we have official patch notes. The new update will celebrate the second anniversary of the classic Erangel with an amusement park mode. Therefore Royal Pass Season 12 is called ‘2gether We Play!’ And it arrives March 9th.

And in this Season 12 the game comes with new Arctic Mode, a new AirDrop weapon DBS Shotgun, a new Arcade Mode, Death Replay and Colorblind Mode and many other things.

The PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0 update goes live today, and the Devs say there will be no downtime. The update obviously requires about 1.69GB of storage space on Android and 1.95GB of storage space on iOS.

Players updated before March 6 will receive 50 Silver, 2,888 bp and 3 day Anniversary Pan Skin Receive new content coming in Classic mode which includes Erangel – Amusement Park mode which is coming out on March 12.


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