Season 13 Toy Playground PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Available Now

Season 13 Toy Playground PUBG Mobile Royale Pass

Recently PUBG Mobile released the latest Season 13 with a brand new royale pass named Toy Playground. And this royale pass design based on Power Rangers Theme.

After many days since the end of the Royale Pass 12 PUBG Mobile finally release the new Season 13 Royale Pass Toy Playground. In the tough time for the world PUBG Mobile release the new Royale Pass Season 13 named “Toy Playground” which make more player to stay at home.

This new update along with the Season 13 Royale Pass is available for both iOS and Android device. And this new season will introduce many fresh theme based rewards including new gear skins, outfits and more.

In this new PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 a new Carton Rangers event is available for every player to claim there toy squad. Who purchase the Royale Pass, in the Middle level of 50 players can chose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger Set.

And also they all have the chance to claim the Rank 100 outfit Ultra Defender Set. As well as a new set is waiting for the players who are able to get extra 4800 Royal Pass Points in the redeem section.

Items available in Royale Pass

The video by Mr Ghost Gaming confirms that there are a gun skin available for Vector. And might be this is inspire by Lego. As well as there are a skin for P92 Pistol. As of every previous season this is confirm that the 100 Royale Pass point will be a complete outfit set.

And also sometimes players need to chose between two sets. In this season players need to chose one of them. The name of the outfits are Lava Superman or the Flash Superman. As i told previously the season will looks a lot like inspire by Power Ranger theme.

As well as there are some spins will available name ‘Tribal Treasure’. This spin holds some cool looking outfits and with Ram Skull as a head-top. Also many other items are available. The items are a leather set a unique headgear, a parachute skin, an AUG skin and many more.

There are already three unique character are available in the game. And according to PUBG Mobile its time to introduce a new in-game character. In Season 13 PUBG Mobile will introduce a new character name Andy.

And Andy looks like he is an magician. And the abilities are still unknown what kind of he has. As like the Korean version of PUBG Mobile the new voice chat commands will be available in the global version of PUBG Mobile.

And its look like the present Season 12 may be finish in 12th of May. Now its may confirm that the upcoming season 13 will release around 13th of May. Also aside of all there will be some information available regarding the Miramar Map. Therefore it will be release with the update of 0.18.0 in the global version.


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