Shake The Tree PUBG Mobile Event Giving Players iPhone 11 Pro

Shake The Tree PUBG Mobile Event Giving Players iPhone 11 Pro

The new event named Shake The Tree PUBG Mobile Event giving away Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Airpods to some of the Lucky PUBG Mobile Players

Tencent Games developers of PUBG Mobile announce a new “Shake The Tree” Event. The event is now a form of a lucky draw. In this event PUBG Mobile players now has get a chance to reward with some Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Airpods. Therefore in this event players are able to get some of rewards from completing daily little missions. Also players can get many other in-game rewards too from the event.

As per the lucky event, players just need to logging into there account firstly. After the first logging in-game players will got there first chance to shake the tree. Players also got a chance to take which mission they would like to participate in. As like players can get a chance to complete a mission just with play a single classic match.

After completing the second mission players will got there second chance to shake the tree of money. The in-game event offers 3 lucky winners every day. Only one single lucky winner are able to get a iPhone 11 Pro and other two winner will win Air pods.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 version update release date May 7 and other details

As per the announcement video there are seems to have a using vending machine in a abandoned warehouse. When the camera goes nearly to the machine a new tune seems to start suddenly. Therefore after the screen goes blank the new version launch date and the logo appears suddenly.

As per huge response from the players complaining about many in-game bugs, hackers in PUBG Mobile the developers seems to take some strict actions. As well as the devs also working on testing the beta version and making changes of PUBG Mobile behind the scenes.

Mr. Ghost Gaming releases many videos regarding the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update as well as the Season 13 in his channel. You can check out to get more detailed information with those images.

New Modes, Vehicle Changes, Gun Changes Info

In this new upcoming 0.18.0 update there will be the first ever Win94 gun with 4x scope. And P90 will be an SMG too. As well as we also see the Miramar 2.0 desert map in action with many additional changes. The Golden Mirado and The Vending Machine which giveaway energy drinks and painkillers are also coming with the update.

There will be a new Sanhok jungle based mode coming named “Jungle Mode”. Some days ago PUBG Mobile introduce a new mode which will prevent players to camp inside a safe zone name the “Safety Scramble mode” are also coming. This will help players a lot who take the gun and find players to reach the leader board.

In Miramar 2.0 players will get the experience the heavy or light sand storms.  The brand new Cheer Park Map, new training mini-game, the caned sight and many many more changes are coming along with 0.18.0 Update. PUBG Mobile also adding a new screenshot mode in the game. The EVO ranked mode are already in the game right now you can rank up in TDM as well. Aside of all the new Gun-craft mode are coming.


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