Winter Card Workshop: PUBG Mobile Tricks Need to Know

PUBG Mobile Winter Card Workshop

PUBG Mobile comes with a new trick to send greeting to friends with a new fun way call Winter Card Workshop Event.

PUBG Mobile increasing there fan base with many many tricks in the game. Tencent Games the develop company of PUBG Mobile announce the new event called Winter Card Workshop Event.

As well as at the end of the year PUBG Mobile comes with a new way where players can send greetings to there friends. With the new Winter Card Workshop Event players can use some items in the game for complete the event.

The event started on December 25, 2019 and the Winter Card Workshop Event going to be happen till January 3 2020. Just go and complete the missions as soon as possible before the event ends.

Players can find the event in Event Section> Time Limited Section> Winter Card Workshop in the game. And after clicking on the picture of helmet player can view the web page where the actual event is going on.

Player need to be customize the helmet card to complete the missions on the event. The main object of the event is Christmas decoration balls. Players need to play classic match to find the balls. The Balls spawns randomly anywhere in the map.

In this Winter Card Workshop Event there are only three color balls available in the game, Red, Yellow and Blue.

Winter Card Workshop

Player can found these Christmas Decoration Balls anywhere during play a classic match. For using these balls players can make a card for gifting to another player. Players will be rewarded for gifting as well as receiving the Card from friends.

With the new event PUBG Mobile trying to make there in game communication system more popular. PUBG Mobile has a very handling in-game chat system that every players should use.

PC New Year Event

There are many event is going on many games in this holiday season. As well as in this time PUBG going to be complete there third anniversary of the popular battle royale title. And in this game there will be the first ever community skin contest.

Where players can create the own gun skins of various in game character items. The event is going to be happens including hoodies, an M416 and parachute. Players can download the template of the items from official website.

After player complete there designs of the items, players need to be upload there Social accounts, specially on twitter and also using the brand new #PUBGSkinContest hashtag.

After the event end PUBG Devs will select some of the design owners, And the winner will be selected via highest voting from the entire PUBG community.

Best Thing of the event is the winning design will be distribute to every PUBG Players with no cost. As well as the distribution will be happen on March 23, 2020 after completing the three successful year of PUBG.

There is some more twists also available on the PUBG Skin Contest that the finalist and winner designers will get a “special gifts for their impressive work.” said By PUBG Corp. If you also want to participate in this event just to the PUBG official website for all details. Entries of the PUBG Skin Contest event already started on December 20 2019 and going to be till January 5 2020.


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